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esemtan® is a coordinated skin care line for hand and body care.
The simple, natural care promotes a sense of well-being, leaving the skin with fresh, cared for and pleasant feeling.

esemtan® not only makes one’s skin feel good but it also provides beneficent experience from head to toe.
Safe and highly effective for adults and children.

→ Why esemtan®

esemtan® skin cleanser is a soap-free gentle wash lotion designed for all skin types. It helps maintains the acid mantle of the skin and contains allantoin which protects the skin against drying out and irritation.

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esemtan® skin lotion protects, moistures and improves the skin elasticity. Making it smooth and resistant. esemtan® skin lotion is suitable for all skin types, it permeates deeply into the skin with oil-in water emulsion.

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esemtan®  cleansing foam, a mild surfactant that clean and absorb smell effectively without water. Specially designed for elderly, bedridden or incontinent patients with lipid regulating substances for lasting nourishment.

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