eczema skin cleanser

esemtan® skin cleanser is a soap-free gentle wash lotion designed for all skin types.
It helps maintains the acid mantle of the skin and contains allantoin which protects the skin against drying out and irritation.

  • For gentle body washes from head to feet
  • For showering, partial baths and full baths
  • pH neutral and Soap-free

Instruction for use:

Partial or full bath
For a full bath add approx. 20 ml esemtan® skin cleanser as the water runs into the bath; for partial baths use correspondingly smaller amounts.

Apply esemtan® skin cleanser to a moist sponge or face-cloth, rub on to the relevant parts of the body, wash and rinse off.

*esemtan® is for external use only.

Pack sizes: 1 Litre, 500ml

Available in all leading pharmacies