Why esemtan®

esemtan®  is a coordinated skin care line for hand and body care.
The simple, natural care promotes a sense of well-being, leaving the skin with fresh, cared for and pleasant feeling.

esemtan®  not only makes one’s skin feel good but it also provides beneficent experience from head to toe. Safe and highly effective for adults and children.

A million Singaporeans suffer dry and itchy skin

Almost a million people in Singapore have dry and itchy skin caused by air-conditioning, harsh sun and humidity. Ordinary soap only makes things worse.

Some non-soap cleansers kill the germs, but wash away your skin’s natural protection. esemtan® is the one wash lotion that gently cleans while it protects your skin’s natural balance.

A single bacteria can grow over 8 million cells a day

Bacteria is pretty scary stuff, especially when you can’t see it. Invisible to the naked eye yet it can cause some rather serious health problems. esemtan® is the daily wash lotion that effectively balances your skin’s natural protection against bacteria growth.

Of course, there are cleansing disinfectants available but none is as gentle on your skin as esemtan®. esemtan®‘s delicate balance of ingredients balances your skin’s PH so that it moisturises and protects your skin. To stay clean and healthy, use esemtan® every day.

It’s better than soap because it’s not soap

esemtan® is suitable for all skin types due to its care components like Allantoin and emollients (fatty acid esters) which maintain the natural skin’s moisture, and protects the protective acid mantle of skin with its pH 5.0 balance. That’s why esemtan® is widely used in leading hospitals by health professionals every day.

It’s ideal for people who are allergic to alkaline soap because esemtan is not a soap. Extremely gentle, refreshing and hygienic, esemtan® gives you a cleaner deodorising wash every time.